Time RXR B-Box Team Module Road Bike Review

[Updated 2012 – This frame no longer exists]

Everything concerning this road bike amplifies precision, from its optimized tube design created in HM carbon with Vibraser technology to the optimized RXR Ulteam wishbone; this entire bike has been designed and built to win road races. The RXR B-Box also features full carbon lugs, asymmetrical chainstays and CMT fork dropouts. More importantly, this fantastic bike includes Time-patented multi-diameter steerer coupled with an oversized low bearing, which ensures complete security while delivering outstanding shock resistance. Another fantastic aspect of this bike is its aerodynamic shape, promising that the bike glides effortlessly through trouble crosswinds. The Time RXR B-Box is unrivalled in its originality and high-tech features, making it one of the most outstanding creations developed by Time.

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