PZ Racing CR3.1 V1 Review

pzracing v1 cr3.1 frameset

Unrivalled by any other model produced by competing manufacturers, the PZ Racing CR3.1 V1 road frame has been created using the latest materials and designed to win races. Constructed using CR3.1 FM Full 3K Carbon, this 700c road frame possesses the ultimate equilibrium between strength and lightness. The CR3.1 V1 is unbelievably low in weight, while offering a level of rigidity and strength unfound on most road frames. The rigidity and strength makes the CR3.1 durable and extremely fast, with every aspect of power from the cyclist effectively transferred. Available in variety of different size and with a beginning weight of 1,255grams it is easy to understand why a number of competitive racers choose the CR3.1 V1 model.

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