De Rosa Merak II Carbon Review

de rosa merak II carbon frame

The Merak II Carbon is the latest carbon frameset offered by the Italian manufacturer. Created using a careful composition of materials that includes a select carbon fibre mix, this brilliant bike is one of the lightest and stiffest road bikes available to cycling enthusiasts today. Coupled with its light weight the Merak is packed with mechanical features that are guaranteed to improve a rider’s performance. The unbelievable aerodynamic design ensures that riders can glide smoothly through the finish line at any road race. Not only is the Marek fast, light, stiff and aerodynamic its, ‘High Moment Inertial Tafer” steering tube allows riders to steer with a 1.1/2 bearing, making steering controlled. The new Marek‚Äôs features and innovative design means that it is unrivalled by any other carbon model.

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