BMC Time Machine TM01 Review

bmc time machine tm01 frameset

Leading bike manufacturer BMC have been creating innovative cycling products for many years, notably BMC stylish designs and the use of advanced technologies have meant that they are the leading producers of bicycles on today’s market, and the BMC Time Machine 2012 continues BMC tradition of making quality and performance enhancing frames. Our testers agreed that the Time Machine is a true carbon frame unlike many of the other advertised bikes made by rival manufacturers. The frame of the Time Machine is a truly special design, created using Easton’s Carbon Nanotube technology, which generates a high level of stiffness to the carbon/resin matrix; the frame only features unidirectional carbon fibre material, with higher modulus layers of carbon used where a higher stiffness is required. With both the frame and fork created using carbon, this excessive use of carbon can not be found on any other bike frame on today’s market. This new technologically advanced method of making the frame has created a light, durable, stiff and comfortable bike. There are three main areas which BMC have improved to guarantee a performance enhancing bike, firstly, in the seatstays have been placed low on the seat tube, which helps to provide vertical compliance whilst maintaining lateral stiffness. The second area which BMC have focussed on to improve the overall performance of the bike is the Time Machines fork, which has been specially designed to reduce vibration and improve the braking control. Another area BMC have improved is the angle-locking seatpost; the new ovalized shape has increased the stiffness of the bike providing efficient energy transfer.

While it’s unique Integrated Skeleton Concept has been proven to effectively help distribute force more evenly across the bike. BMC’s fine tuning of the Time Machine 2012 has meant that it provides a fantastic performance for a cyclist, the bike is easy to ride and the advancements are easy to spot once you begin riding, in addition, it climbs extremely well even when seated. With no weaknesses found, it is clear to see that the BMC have achieved their goal of designing the most advanced frame in the BMC Time Machine 2012.

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